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A Note from Nate

My story is one with many twists and turns, all planned by God, and each with a distinct lesson.

I was raised in a second-generation pastor’s home in Fairfax Station, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. I enjoyed learning from both my dad and grandpa about ministry, leadership, and life in general. DC and the surrounding areas have a very competitive culture—a culture in which I thrived. My competitive, entrepreneurial spirit was shaped and refined during these early years in one of the most optimal environments in the world.

Before returning for my last semester of college, my parents divorced and their ministry ended. I watched, heartbroken, as my family crumbled. This devastating turn of events had a profound impact on me spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. With my resolve hardened and emotions subdued, I became more driven than ever, but calloused and oftentimes distant.

In 2016, my incredible wife Kaylee and I were married. Truly my better half, she does more to bring balance, clarity, and empathy to my life than I could begin to describe. Through her gentle, loving perspective, she helps me develop a more optimistic, compassionate outlook in every area.

To date, I’ve served in leadership roles at several churches, including Fairfax Baptist Temple in Fairfax Station, VA, and Lancaster Baptist Church in Lancaster, CA. I’m passionate about assisting church leaders administratively and strategically, ultimately helping churches be more effective in our mission to glorify God and evangelize the world.

I currently serve as the Managing Director of Evimero Interactive, a marketing firm headquartered in Tampa, FL. As a faith-based firm, we’re excited every time we have the privilege to assist other Christian organizations; within my role at the firm, I enjoy serving on the board of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, South Tampa. I also volunteer at our local church, Grace Baptist Church in Brandon, FL, as the church administrator under the leadership of our pastor, John Jupp.

If at any point I can be of help to you, just send me a message! I’m happy to help.