Proverb for Today

Where there is no counsel, the people fall; but in the multitude of counselors there is safety. (Proverbs 11:14, MEV)

Devotional Thought

How important is wise decision-making?

Think about the trickle down effect of a leader’s decisions.

One wrong decision can start a war instead of de-escalating conflict, costing peoples’ lives.

One wrong decision can sour diplomatic relations, delaying progress on peace talks and trade agreements, potentially stalling economic growth and development.

One wrong decision can tank a company, causing layoffs, affecting employees and their families.

One wrong decision can tarnish a reputation, turning a legacy into public disgrace.

One wrong decision can destroy relationships, leaving a leader without followers.

Wise leadership is invaluable. And part of being a wise leader is surrounding yourself with wise counsellors, who can help in the decision making process. Proverbs is clear, there’s a unique safety in being surrounded with wise counsellors.

Finding wise counsel is vital.

Break down the areas of your life: professional, personal, spiritual, etc. In each area, who can you invite to journey with you as a counsellor?

  • In the professional realm, this can be coworkers who have a proven track record, paid coaches and mentors, or, if you’re like me, business owners of several decades who, through an incredible amount of hard work, have arrived at the destination I’m working towards. I invite them to speak into the decisions I make in my role as the Vice President of Marketing for KCooper Brands and Director of KC Media.
  • In the personal realm, this can be friends in a similar life stage who are navigating well. As you evaluate them, you see the results of wise decisions in the same areas of life you are working on; invite them to speak into your life! If you are working on improving your marriage, find couples who have been married for decades and have the relationship with their spouse you are trying to develop in your own marriage. If you’re trying to improve as a parent, find those who raised their children into successful adults and get their input.
  • In the spiritual realm, this should be your pastor and other church leaders, like deacons and Sunday school teachers. Your pastor especially is crucial here. Be transparent and open about the areas you need to develop in your relationship with God. Those in leadership at your church are in leadership for a reason and will be some of the best help to you in your spiritual growth. The relationships I have with my pastor and other church leaders are indispensable to me.

As you look at the different areas of your life, whatever your desired outcome is, find those people who have achieved it and can help you achieve it, and surround yourself with them. Whatever you do, don’t go through life alone.

Today, I invite you to share two prayer requests with me:

  1. Pray for the leaders in your life. Ask God to surround them with wise counsellors. Pray for clarity, wisdom, and understanding through the decisions they make. Pray for your pastors, bosses, and elected officials on the local, state, and federal level.
  2. Pray for God to bless you with wise counsellors. We are all leaders in some way, small or large, and need the safety found in wise counsel for the decisions we make throughout each day.

Reflect and Respond

    • Who are the leaders in your life? Write down their names and their roles and commit to praying for them daily.
    • Who do you lead? Take some time to think through both the positive and negative repercussions of the decisions you make. How can you be a wiser leader for these people?
    • You can be someone’s wise counsellor! Who in your life do you need to come alongside and speak wisdom into the decision making process?

Written by : Nate Calvert

Nate Calvert is a Christian husband, pastor, and businessman who believes life as a Christian doesn’t have to be complicated.

He is passionate about investing in those around him and sharing the message of Jesus everywhere he goes.

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