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The Controversy Between Old and New

This article was written by Nathan Walsh, a friend of mine from college who I greatly respect. As a young ministry leader, Nathan has distinguished himself as a dedicated student of God's Word, a direct benefit to the local ministry where he serves as an ordained minister, as well as those of us reading this ...

Burn the Ships

In the early 1500s, Hernan Cortés made a bold decision—he burned his ships after reaching the New World. Those burning ships did more than eliminate an escape route, they sparked a fire within every man to press forward collectively, becoming part of a mission bigger than the individual, because they had no choice but to succeed. What's the lesson for us today?

Speed Bump!

I have a love/hate relationship with speed bumps (ok, I'll confess, mainly hate). Don't you just love it when you're driving in a new area and all of a sudden—SPEED BUMP! For whatever reason, you didn't notice the speed bump coming; you either slam on the brakes or wind up with a headache. (And yes, ...

An Open Letter from Millennials

The following letter was compiled purposefully by a group of Baptist millennials. As you read, you'll quickly see we are motivated by love with the goal of gracious, productive conversation leading to understanding and greater unity—ultimately resulting in many, many more lives being changed by the love of our amazing Savior, Jesus Christ. Please read ...