Proverb for Today

In all labor there is profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty. (Proverbs 14:23, MEV)

Devotional Thought

If you’ve been looking for a quick way to get under my skin, look no further! I’ll tell you!

Talk big. Promise much. Make great plans. Set audacious goals. Go so far as to invite me to dream, plan, and achieve with you—and then do nothing.

I think we all know someone who’s like this. They come up with some amazing possibilities, package up a compelling offer, pique your interest, and then seem to either vanish into thin air, or slowly flake out on you. It’s frustrating, it’s a waste of time and energy, and it’s damaging to the relationship they have with you.

Just talking is worthless. Just talking leads only to poverty. That’s it. Talk isn’t cheap, it’s worthless!

But, in all labor, there’s profit! And let me clarify—the profit to be found is so much more than financial gain.

Think about it with me.

Setting goals and working towards them builds work ethic, determination, focus and experience.

Creating action plans and following them gives you practice in breaking down big projects to manageable tasks.

Following through on promises builds trust and increases your credibility.

In any area of life: home, church, work, friendships—you name it—the underlying principle holds true!

It may be that you haven’t meant to talk big, you’ve just gotten overwhelmed with where to start. Let me encourage you today to start with the first step.

Reflect and Respond

    • Think back to a time you interacted with a “big talker.” What about their interaction with you rubbed you the wrong way? Make a mental note to avoid these same traits.
    • What goal, dream, or plan do you need to stop talking about and start working towards? Break this down all the way to your immediate next step. And take the step!
    • Maybe you’re great at this process of moving forward. Who can you help move forward with you? How can you mentor and/or encourage them to make progress?

Written by : Nate Calvert

Nate Calvert is a Christian husband, pastor, and businessman who believes life as a Christian doesn’t have to be complicated.

He is passionate about investing in those around him and sharing the message of Jesus everywhere he goes.

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